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Balanced Dog Training

Remote Collar expert      Results Based

There is no other system available that offers the freedom of off leash control more than a remote collar.  Give your dogs the freedom they deserve while having the peace of mind they will come when you call them.  It's the greatest gift you can give to a dog; freedom and reliability.

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About Me

I train dogs.  I teach you how to lead.

what makes me different?
I get results.  I simplify the process.  I make it easy for owners to understand.  I am not interested in drowning you with mountains of information.  I want to boil fundamental concepts down to their essential elements and deliver them to you in the clearest form possible.  By doing it this way owners can trust their instincts more and clearly communicate with their dogs.  Don't get lost in the details;  dog training should be simple.
Dogs like it when someone is clearly in charge.  They thrive in order and structure.  It makes them feel safe.  They are better dogs for it.  When the humans are in charge the dogs don't have to make decisions.  It's done for them and everyone is better off for it.  SO do not feel bad telling your dog what to do;  he actually prefers that you be clear with him.  This way he knows his place in your world; and that brings him peace.
I am not your typical by the book click and treat trainer.  I ask you exactly what is going on with your dog's behavior; what are your goals in relation to that; and then we map out the most direct route of least resistence.  I will prescribe exercises that create the behavior and state of mind we value.  I will explain how to properly implement new tools to give you maximum leverage over your dog's behavior.  A tailored strategy, a well of knowledge and experience, and the application of training tools will have your dog improving leaps and bounds in the first training session.  Regain control over your dog; teach him to be calm; and walk him thru the world.  Be proud of your dog and showcase his new manners in public.

My Services

Your dog deserves the best

- Structured boarding available to those dogs that have trained with me - $35 per night

- Prices for private session -
- $120 at my place in Tres Piedras
- $140 at the Gorge Bridge
- $160 in Taos (Kit Carson Park/ Plaza Area)
- $180 at your home in Taos
- $220 for emergency session (if needed in next 48 hours)
- text me for exact prices to other areas - 575-779-8114
- text is best way to contact me -




Board and Train

Your dog lives with my pack everyday.  We train multiple times per day.  I find out who your dog really is by living with them 24/7.  They are exposed to many new dogs, smells, and challenges.  I take them to distraction rich environments and teach them to focus on the task.  E collar recall and obedience will be taught.  Off leash foundational work is a major focus in my system.


I look at dogs and I see their potential.  I listen to owners and I sense their confusion.  I can make it clear.  Your dog will thank you.

Tad Schmidt


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Taos, New Mexico

(575) 779-8114

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