My Services

Making dogs and owners lives better one client at a time.  It's amazing what happens when people change their mindset towards their dog.  When owners gain the ability to be proactive instead of reactive to the dog's behavior.  This is how a pack leader thinks and this is what a dog responds to.  I am here to make it clear for both of you.  I offer both training and boarding services.


Board and Train

Time to Shine

Your dog stays with me and gets the full experience.  Walks, training sessions, pack playtime, naps, food ritual, field trips, you name it.  Some dogs are more than the owners can handle alone.  During this time I will put the foundational obedience in place; I will create a calm and submissive mind; and I will teach your dog the manners he needs.  Your dog will learn what is expected from him; he will learn behaviors that help him maintain his calmness.
Basic Obedience will be taught: sit, down, place, heel, and recall.  Also kennel up, out, threshold, and overall respectful manners.
Remote collar is required.
2 weeks - $1450
4 weeks - $2600

Private Lessons

Basic Obedience and Off leash Reliability

Private sessions - $100 for 90 minutes - Done at your place or location of your choice.  We will work on any specific issues you are having; basic obedience as needed; proper use of tools; strategies; pack leader exercises; etc.  For 90 minutes I will answer any questions; I will work directly with the dog; and I will guide you through the process. 

How many sessions do you recommend?
It depends on what level you want the training to go.  By that I mean, I can teach you how to walk properly on a leash in 1 session.  It may take 5 or 6 sessions to accomplish off leash recall.  SO my average client and dog is 4 to 6 sessions total.  By that time we will have a solid foundation laid, leash handling skills will be on point; and E collar will added.  The dog will understand what is expected; as well as behavior that will not be tolerated.  Off leash reliability is the goal.  My dogs will be off leash reliable.



Your pup is good hands

I offer the best boarding experience around.  Your dog will stay in my house in a family setting and be with other dogs the whole time.  3 play sessions per day with their buddies; air conditioning for when it's hot; I have a big fenced play area.  All dogs sleep inside at night.  I keep a watchful eye at all times and make sure every dog is safe and sound.  The dogs are always happy to show up for a stay at K9 camp.